What we do

What we do

Wealth solutions for life in a complex world 

Key areas of expertise


Wealth planning

We structure flexible and effective wealth plans tailored around individuals and their families. These are as efficient as they are secure and let clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their wealth will be transferred as they wish. Our offering includes, but is not limited to, private placement life insurance, universal life and whole-of-life solutions. Through a collaborative approach with the advisors of high-net-worth individuals, we solve even the most unusual wealth management situations.

Cross-border portability

Our deep technical knowledge across multiple jurisdictions means we can manage issues that arise in different countries, helping clients to benefit from the long-term advantages of their global lifestyles.

Non-traditional assets

We understand how to integrate non-traditional assets, such as real estate and private equity, into life insurance solutions, however diverse the portfolio. This means clients have a clearer overview of their wider portfolio, and the family stands to reap greater rewards in the future.


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