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THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What has changed the most for your business this year?

One of the more significant changes this year has been how the wealth management industry has focused on innovation, developing and adopting new digital channels and platforms as a game-changer for their businesses. We have all seen the many ways in which technology has helped enable business continuity, remote working, and client accessibility amid the disruption of the pandemic.

However, as wealth management professionals, we recognise that the adoption of technology works best as a tool which complements a strong underlying relationship with clients. This is more pronounced in Asian cultures, where direct, face-to-face engagements are still essential in building trust and respect, and technology alone may not be enough. Many high-net-worth clients will still look for this assurance before entrusting their assets to others.

  Tammy Lu Tsui 
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Brokerage

Lombard International