Protection & transfer of wealth

Protection & transfer of wealth

Case Study

Case Study


The client’s profile

  • Mr. Dupont is a long-standing client, with a portfolio of USD5m under management.

  • A French national currently resident in Hong Kong, he is 54, and married with two children who are finishing their studies (in Paris and London).

  • He envisages selling his manufacturing company (worth USD10m) within the next year.

  • He is planning his retirement to Europe, where they have a home in the South of France.

The client’s objectives

  • To safeguard his wife and children, ensuring they are protected in the event of his death.

  • To structure his wealth in such a way that allows him to optimise income and estate taxation.

  • To guarantee that the chosen structure is compliant in France, and ultimately portable throughout Southern Europe.

Our bespoke solution

  • A French PPLI policy is subscribed. The premium is paid via a contribution as part of his existing portfolio of USD5m.

  • The premium is invested in a discretionary managed portfolio.

  • After the sale of his company, a further top-up can be added to the policy.
Our proposition

Our proposition

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