International Portability

International Portability

Case Study

Case Study


The client's profile

  • Mr & Mrs Li are relatively new clients of the bank, which manages a US$8m portfolio for them

  • Both are Chinese nationals and residents and are looking to develop their business interests in Europe

  • Their children, and grandchildren, are already living in the UK

  • They have purchased a house in London which they will use as their European base

The client’s objectives

  • Simplify tax reporting in the UK

  • Understand the complex UK RND regime

  • Maintain access to their capital

  • Portable solution should they need to move within Europe as their business ventures grow

Our bespoke solution

  • A UK PPLI is subscribed in advance of relocating

  • The premium paid by contributing the whole of their existing portfolio at the bank.

  • The premium is invested in a discretionary managed account
Our proposition

Our proposition

Our solutions

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